The work has been created for the URB festival and a collaboration between Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art and the Visual Culture and Contemporary Art master program at Aalto University. We, the students of the program, have since developed a common practice of shared meals and community building through food and its integral role in culture. The Meal was an extension of our collective practice this time geared towards a wider audience and the general community of Helsinki. 

"The Meal is a series of art works including community meals. A three day event of food and art, comprising of gatherings, conversations, interventions, participatory actions and performances, and of course, food. It is an act of coming together, meeting new people, cooking, eating and building a community. It is about having conversations leading to deeper knowledge of the world around us, and allowing an extensive exploration of each others’ cultures, personalities and worldviews. The Meal is free and open to all.
The Meal will be happening on the lawn and theatre space of Kiasma and is hosted by MA students of Aalto University’s ViCCA (Visual Culture and Contemporary Art) program in collaboration with Kiasma Museum and URB 2017."

The work was part of the URB 2017 festival in collaboration with Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum shown in and outside Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland, 2017.
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