59°39'43.169" N 24°43'36.371" E

60°10'17.759" N 24°56'11.069" E

59°57'34.799" N 30°25'45.36" E

38°7'9.36" N 13°21'58.29" E

This work has been shown at:

Everyday comfort zone: Kranj edition, Galerija Mahlerca, Layerjeva hiša, Kranj, Slovenia, 2023.
Everyday comfort zone: Ljubljana edition, Stekleni atrij Mestne hiše Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2023.
Nebo in trenutek as part of Dobimo se pred Škucem, Škuc, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2019.
UKYA City Takeover in cooperation with Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean at One Thoresby Street, Nottingham, UK, 2019.
Arthouse Disclosure as part of Aalto Festival, Arthouse, Espoo, Finland, 2018.
Material///Immaterial, A:Space, Espoo, Finland, 2016.
About the work:
In this series I am exploring the referential boundaries of modern digital photographs, which include much more information in the metadata, as opposed to analog photographs. Cameras are now capable of recording time, date, camera settings, GPS coordinates etc. Most camera phones are capable of recording GPS coordinates. Even cameras on mobile phones are capable of recording GPS locations. In reality is actually more likely that a camera phone is equipped with GPS capability than a device that is camera dedicated. The GPS coordinates give the image a strong tie to the place of creation.

Using the blue sky as the visual pretext I rob the images of their classical referential code making them visually abstract. Nonetheless we cannot deny their indexicality that is maintained within the metadata. An analog photograph would in this manner still have a physical connection to the place of creation, but there wouldn’t be a traceable record of it. Recording the GPS coordinates thus produces an undeniable connection to the location of origin. The high-tech nature of the project is contrasted with its motive.

The idea is not to explore and showcase the capabilities of the medium, but instead rather using it to explore a theme that is around since the dawn of time. People have always been connected through universal characteristics of Earth, the sky is one of them. We might be kilometres away but the sky is always the same one. The viewer is presented with blue images that predictably look similar. The GPS coordinates are a constant reminder that we are looking at geographically different locations and we are indeed looking at different places.
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