Foto: DK

The work deals with space and our understanding of it and the connection between the virtual and the real. But instead of exploring this idea trough a record of a performance, it puts the viewer in the middle of it. This provides a completely different experience from the photographs. In the Googlescapes project the viewer was always put in front of an interpretation of the performance that was controlled with camera position. Here, instead he is able to interact with the work, move freely and choose his view point. Instead of looking at a two-dimensional image, at an object, the viewer is enclosed in a three-dimensional space. The viewer is surrounded with the work of art, he/she is part of it. The work gains a more complete sensorial dimension, the spectator serves as a contrast to the simulacrum. 

The work has been shown at:

Googlespace, Aksioma - Project Space, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2015. With more images on this link.
Googlespace, Roman Susan, Chicago, USA, 2017.
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