Sea Gods Altar (2016)
This work was created for the exhibition SOAK, which was held on the boat M/S Ilusia. The vehicle is used as a living space, during the exhibition the owners were out of town and allowed us to transform their home into a gallery. The boat was partially emptied, but many details remained. For this purpose I created a corner type shrine, similar to what someone could find in a house, thus extending and enunciating the nature of the space. Instead of putting a traditional representation of a deity I placed it in a custom made frame for an iPad with the device installed. On the screen of the tablet, you could watch a video of the water underneath the boat. The object of worship was replaced with technology bringing forward our relations to it, while at the same time reverting to more simplistic religions that sought the holy in nature. The spectator was put in a place of expectation and solemn feeling while waiting for something to happen.
Corner Shrine (2018)
The work was further developed and shown again, this time in an unfurnished yet to be fully inhabited apartment. The curators (Paola Jalili & Saara Mahbouba)  opened their soon to be home, for a one time exhibition titled unfurnished // unfinished in Vuosaari, East Helsinki, Finland. This time instead of a video of a sea, the iPad displayed a live feed of the sky found just above my balcony at my home in Slovenia.  ​​​​​​​

Corner shrine

Mountain gods (2023) and River gods (2023)
The project has seen two new iterations, both created for the exhibition concept Everyday comfort zone which has been exhibited in two variations in 2023. Mountain gods (right) turns to one of the surrounding mountains that can be seen from Kranj and River gods (bottom) gives a view under the surface of the river Ljubljanica passing through the city of Ljubljana. Both refer to the natural wonders in the respective cities that they have been exhibited. 
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