Theoretical and scientific papers, lectures:
Crossing Art, Science and Technology for Innovations through Maker Culture and Education
co-authored: Peter Purg, Kristina Pranjić, Mr. Jernej Čuček Gerbec
Published at ISEA 2022 Possibles
Establishing Ecosystems for Disruptive Innovation by Cross-Fertilizing Entrepreneurship and the Arts
co-authored: Peter Purg, Silvia Cacciatore, Jernej Čuček Gerbec
Social and Pop-media as Reflection of Self
Published in Membrana (and in Slovenian in Fotografija)
Culture in a Nutshell
Published in the ViCCA Journal
Interface as Mother Tongue (lecture)
Held at Pixxelpoint 2019 as part of the MAST symposium. Video available here

Art reviews:
Published through Koridor in Slovenian
Branko Lenart: HAND:WORK
Published through Koridor in Slovenian
Khing Hnin Wai: Readymade videovaja Mjanmarski puč
Published through Koridor in Slovenian, English version available here
Anna Ridler: Abstrakcija narave
Published through Koridor in Slovenian
Saša Nemec: Repair-a-thon 
Published through Koridor in Slovenian

Nika Oblak in Primož Novak: In zdaj nekaj popolnoma drugačnega 10
Published through Koridor
Peter Rauch: Metalec
Published through Koridor
Kritika, 2019. Koridor - križišča umetnosti. (4.104 znakov)
ISSN 2463-9265
Taktike in praksa: Kritično inženirstvo
Published through Koridor
Jure Grom in Jure Goršič: En passant 2-Potencial geste
Published through Koridor
James Bridle: Moja radost v jasni noči
Published through Koridor
César Escudero Andaluz: Kritični sprožilci
Published through Koridor​​​​​​​
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