During an increased influx of refugees in Europe around 2015-2016, the EU reacted very defensively. A series of fences and barb-wires have been put in place. Some of them even close to my home. I viewed and still do, this as an appalling reaction to a severe humanitarian crisis and I needed to react in some way. I imagined a future, when this actions would be seen as grave errors of judgments and monuments and a memorial route would be set alongside the now (in the future) removed fencing. 

The design takes inspiration from an existing route that commemorates the fencing in of Ljubljana during World War II. The solitary red star has been replaced with the all familiar twelve EU yellow stars. The plan was to eventually create signage for all EU countries that have fenced their borders in any manner to prevent the influx of refugees instead of helping them in time of need. A german versions (WEG) has been produced and guerrilla plastered on the remains of the Berlin wall, echoing a past error.

FUN FACT! about the title while "EU izdaja" can mean EU edition it also means EU betrayal. 

The work has been shown at:

Pot ob žici, Carinarnica, Nova Gorica, Slovenia, 2018.
ISO0, Photonic Moments, Bunker, public shelter, Park slovenske reformacije, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2016.
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