The work was part of the seminar Exploring Historical and Theoretical Roots by Nora Sternfeld in 2016. The Manifesto was a direct response to the Pop up Exhibition presented by the National Museum of Helsinki: 'Refugee, Evacuee, Human'. 

Rice pudding is a dish that transcends nations and can be found in variations around the globe. The action was simple. Prepare a 'magical pudding' and make people sign a pledge for togetherness. This playful work calls for are more inclusive environment while simultaneously highlights the nature of consumerism, where a pledge can be exchanged for a simple meal. In the end, the authors (Ali Akbar Mehta, Jernej Čuček Gerbec, Jonne KaukoMartina Miño Perez) still maintain that the pledge ought to be respected.

The works was shown at:

Whose History Is It Anyway? *, Arthouse, Espoo, Finland, 2016.

The pledge was signed in exchange for the rice pudding. 

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